Homemade bread

I have posted before about home made bread and no doubt I will again, many times. I love it. It smells divine.
I haven’t been pulling my weight where bread is concerned for this last week or two with one of us always seeming to be out of sorts so tonight I rectified that and popped a large white loaf in the breadmaker. I chose a dark crust but will go back to medium next time. I also sneakily went for white as it doesn’t take as long to bake but truth be told, I prefer it over the wholemeal. I know it’s not as good for you but I don’t care tonight as I am feeling the need for indulgence.
Day 3 of incubator 2 for my records :).

6 thoughts on “Homemade bread

  1. We love homemade bread with a passion & last week I made a French bread loaf – it was truly amazing & worth the wait (it's a 6 hour programme). I am an avid follower of your excellent blog & I'm truly impressed with how much you have achieved in such a short time. Keep up the good work!!


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