Winter ailments and roaring fires

My daughter wasn’t well this morning which is very unlike her and ended up staying home from school. By lunch time she was a lot better. The photo I took first thing this morning when I realised that in full health or when we feel poorly, we all gravitate towards the Aga.
Then tonight whilst working for an hour and waiting for tesco to arrive we were sat in front of a roaring fire, something I do love about this time of year.

10 thoughts on “Winter ailments and roaring fires

  1. The kitchen they say is the heart of the home, our Rayburn is on 24/7 and we spend most time in the kitchen area, the log burner gets lit in the evening, lovely fireplace, hope your daughter is back to normal again soon, there are so many bugs and viruses going round


  2. Oh glad she is feeling better. My youngest is off today for a second day. He had a temp of 38.9 at 5am but a bit better now. I love my kitchen and I love my blue Rayburn. It has always been a dream of mine to have an Aga or a Rayburn. Ours is on low 24 7 and I love putting things in it and cooking low and slow.


  3. Hope your daughter is much better, you can't beat a roaring fire, as a child it was all the heating we had, so we were too hot in front and always a cold back, but we loved sitting on the floor.


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