Wonderful March weekend

The weekend’s fly by anyway however this weekend especially. Friday night we celebrated the birthday of Steven’s dad with the family. A lovely night though meant no time to do anything at home.
Saturday I rode out on the morning then it seems I blinked and the day was over! We have had lots of people interested in our horse manure! So both Saturday and Sunday saw us helping people load up their trailers and bags with lots of lovely manure. We have another one coming tomorrow too. So far, even though it is free, people have left us some LED lights for our outbuilding and 18 pigeon breasts for the freezer. Really kind and we shall be trying the pigeon on Friday so if anyone has any suggestions then they are most welcome.
Today we have been sorting out the pigs home for when we get them. We have decided they can live in the copse that we’ve been taking the trees down from. We will mesh round the trees that are left and have started penning off the area they will be allowed in.
I’ve also managed to get quite a few more seeds in the greenhouse and half of another bed weeded outside. Beans and peas will be going in that one. In the greenhouse I have purple sprouting broccoli,  cabbages and onions coming through and looking strong. I’ve put some more tomatoes in, sweetcorn, broad beans and dwarf beans today.
The onion sets we planted a couple if weeks ago, we checked today to see if they had rotted but so far they look ok with roots coming out of the bottom.
Finally we have, well Steven has, cleared out the paving slabs from behind the current compost/muck heap bins and stacked them neatly along side them. This means once we have tidied out the rest of the rubbish bits you can see in the picture,  we will be able to use that as  a compost muck heap too. Great stuff. Lovely weekend though all went a bit too quick for my liking.

8 thoughts on “Wonderful March weekend

  1. How lovely that people are leaving you gifts for the manure, I plan at some point bagging up some alpaca poo and leaving at the end of the drive but so far we are using all that is being produced, making some nice big compost bins is on the list for this year,I have some I threw together and last year produced some lovely compost, but I want something more permanent.


  2. That is wonderful that you inadvertently traded for the manure. I think you are doing a fantastic job with all your doings!x I am very envious when I see all the lovely things being planted in greenhouses and poly tunnels. We just can't get our greenhouse up yet because of other Job's Jon needs to do. Plus we had guests this weekend, more next weekend but there is some time at Easter to get things out of the way. I keep reminding myself we have only been here six months and we have done the house and lots of other things, too.


  3. I can't believe how many people are after it tbh. In the last week we have had 3 weeks worth of manure from 4 horses taken. That is a big deal for us as it takes up a lot of space. We have space but long term we couldn't manage without getting rid of any so big thumbs up.


  4. We are our own worst enemies sometimes aren't we? I have plans for my time off over easter and I keep adding to it so I hope I don't expect too much as I would like to spend time with the kids after all!


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