Poorly chick and fabulous bridleway

A bitter sweet day here on the smallholding. After work I arrived home to have my lovely family around me, chatted with one of our two neighbours, sorted all the animals out and then headed out on foot with my daughter on her pony, to investigate a bridleway right outside our house that’s been too wet to use until now. We walked for 30 minutes or so and could have gone on for more but that is enough for a winter work night. I felt loads better after it and it cleared my head for a while.
Unfortunately though, the last chick to hatch has taken ill. She’s really not well and is gasping for air. We’ve separated her and given her a bit of sugar water but she’s not great. I keep my fingers crossed that whatever happens, she isn’t in pain for long, if she is at all. The down side to small holding. She looked fit and healthy until tea time.
On a good note, it’s Friday tomorrow meaning a whole 3 nights and 2 days without work. Yey.

4 thoughts on “Poorly chick and fabulous bridleway

  1. Haha that's actually an interesting part for me at the moment as I am still figuring out where to put everything in the pantry. I enlisted the help of the kids whilst I pointed and gave orders!


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