Strange old day

It’s been a strange old day today. I haven’t been well due to a cold that’s leaving my eyes streaming, nose running and making me sneeze what feels like non stop.  I decided to work from home so I could feel sorry for myself in peace and not spread my germs around either. It’s been part sick day, part work day. I had one meeting to join and some bits of paper work (online) to see to. As I’ve not been well I haven’t done what I would normally do in the house if I were to be alone at home nor have I done the level of work I would if I was in the office. So I feel a bit, strange! That’s the only way I can describe it.
My husband was at work as normal and the kids in school. My lovely mum picked them up for me as the meeting I had was right over school collection time.
Instead of riding the horses they have had a few hours out in the field each meaning I can snuggle up in the house earlier than normal and fight this cold.
I don’t suppose anyone has any home grown cold remedies? Natural ones?
In seed news the first planted are still growing strong. The others are making their way in to the world and doing well.  No more chicks have hatched so looks like 9 out of 18 eggs. 50% will do for me for the first time. They have such a loud cheep, it’s lovely to listen to.
Tonight or tomorrow I must organise the pantry before the big delivery on Friday. Don’t let me forget.
First lot of seeds
Second lot of seeds
First lot of seeds
View from my window seat

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