Fertilised eggs, day 18

We are still no further forward in knowing if the geese are girls or boys but every day that passes is a day closer to egg laying so time will tell.
Today is day 18 for the eggs so we have taken out the sections that roll the eggs and now they are all sitting pretty ready to hatch in a humidity that’s hopefully just right. Hatching is due on Saturday pm. That’s our Saturday afternoon sorted! It’s due to rain all day anyway so what better way to spend it.
The brooding box and heat lamp are ready for the new arrivals.
Tonight I have made a rapid wholemeal loaf and some chocolate chip cookies. I’ve some borax substitute on order to make home made laundry liquid and generally feeling quite good about things.
Happy Wednesday xx

9 thoughts on “Fertilised eggs, day 18

  1. Hi, I don't have a blog of my own but have followed several blogs with interest since i left work. I think the lifestyle change you have made is amazing and I simply love your blog. Living a rural life has always been my dream, being a \”horsey & dog\” person. Keep up the good work, soon lots of like minded folk will be following your blog. Well done.


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