Seedlings…bit early?

Today I was going to post about the fence progress but ad it is behind schedule and they didn’t leave until after dark, I won’t. It is supposed to be finished tomorrow so fingers crossed for tomorrow’s update stating the fence is complete!
Instead I will tell you about my tomato seedlings. I bought a couple of cherry varieties and a beef size one called brandyvine. Sungold was one of the cherry sizes and the other name escapes me.
Most of them germinated. All but 2 I think. Great I thought.  However then I had super leggy seedlings!! Turns out maybe I didn’t give them enough light. So after a quick Google I decided to replant them in slightly larger, deeper pots. Before and after pics below. There’s also a couple of cauliflowers in there. They didn’t germinate well at all. 2 out of 12 maybe and 1 of those 2 is questionable.
They are now sat on a south facing windowsill hoping to save them.
Nothing that we planted in the greenhouse has germinated. It is cold in there and it was a gamble but some people have managed successfully.
More to go in over the weekend and Monday as we’ve taken a day off together.

6 thoughts on “Seedlings…bit early?

  1. It is all about trial and error and finding what works isn't it, you will get some good plants I am sure and if not you can always have another go! That is what is so good about growing things isn't it! Happy Valentines! xx


  2. I start some of my tomatoes off in January too. I always start them off in a small tray in the propagator and then prick them out and pot them on into individual pots, some seedlings do tend to be leggy, this is when I plant them quite deeply, which gives them a good strong footing and they come on a treat. I share your excitement at your new life. It reminds me so much of when we set out on the adventure that is smallholding (still loving it!) happy seeding!Gill


  3. Thank you for this comment, it was lovely to read and gives me a warm feeling to know you love it still. I am pleased with how the tomatoes have been ok since I pricked them out. Great to know you have had success with leggy seedlings!


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