Thank you and puppy ways….

I would like to say a huge thank you to Dawn from Doing it for ourselves in Wales as not only have her posts been amazingly useful, but she has brought me a lot of lovely readers.  Thank you for being so kind and posting my blog’s link on your blog.  It is really appreciated x

In other news, I am trying to remain sane whilst waiting for Friday to come round, so I thought I would post something completely unrelated.  Our dogs.  They are gorgeous, we have an older labrador who has had health ups and downs in the last 6 months or so, but at the moment he is doing well, helped by medication.  He loves his walks and more so, loves knocking the bin over on purpose to see if there are any offerings inside that we should have offered to him instead of the bin ;).

Our puppy, Rodney, is the cutest thing going.  He is scruffy cute.  He has the most elegant movements I have ever seen in a dog.  When he isn’t running head first in to his brother, Buster, that is.  They are 6 months old now, almost to the day and are developing new hilarious habits and determining boundaries with the help of DH and I.  They tell us what the boundary is and we agree.  Or that’s where will we head if we’re not careful!

Anyway, the latest habit is Rodney won’t go anywhere near his breakfast until Buster is finished his, or until I tell him to hurry up as we will be late!  Knowing what we do about dogs (which is limited to owning them all of our lives, opposed to anything certified or such), I am guessing this is pack mentality and he is waiting for his turn.  Occasionally he will take a bite and run away to eat it, but more often than not, he will wait his turn, making breakfast time last anything up to 45 mins!  He doesn’t always finish it either.  Buster however would eat anything put in front of him until he popped.

However, on a night when Rodney is hungry (presumably), he can’t get through it quick enough, although to be fair, he still doesn’t match Buster’s speed and effort. 

They are up to date with the vaccinations, wormers and everything.  I’m not worried about them, just wanted to share this little part of our day.

Buddy on top, Rodney on the left, Buster on the right.  This was when we first got the pups.  I need to transfer the new pics over.  Cuteness overload….

16 thoughts on “Thank you and puppy ways….

  1. your welcome I am loving your blog and like anything good it should be shared, we have an older black lab Sol he is retired from Dogs for the Disabled, we ad another one Kara who came to us retired as well unfortunately we lost her after 8 months last year to cancer, Buddy and Sol look identical, Rodney and Buster look like right bundles of mischief they are all going to love there new home 🙂


  2. Cuteness overload is right. I desperately want another dog but its going to have to wait. We haven't had a dog in 14 years. Our old Jack russel of 17 years died 14 years ago shortly before both children left home to eventually marry. I went back to working full time and shifts so no quality time for a dog. I think its almost certain we will have one again. We have watched the puppies next door grow up over the garden fence and fallen in love with each and every one of them, until they left to go to their new owners.


  3. Good Luck with your move. Hope all goes as smoothly as possible. Pack the biscuits in a box with a big red cross on them – I'm guessing they will become more important as the day/weekend goes on.


  4. I can't wait to see them stretch their legs and tire themselves out running round and round….hopefully without me chasing round behind. Buddy will happily mooch around without straying too far. 1 more sleep!


  5. Dogs make our home I think and once a dog lover always a dog lover, even if we can't always have one for whatever reason. They/he/she will be lucky dogs if you do get another, I am sure.


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