Goodbye social media

It has been on my mind for a while now.  Every time I log in to Facebook I see images that I don’t want to see.  Images shared by people believing that sharing a picture a thousand times, of a poor animal being beaten, will actually stop that action happening again.  As my friend said, I am so over it! 

I will miss following friends who I don’t see in person (Hello Scotland, Bedford and Australia), but I have other ways of communicating with them. 

I think that the plans we have for the next year will keep me busy enough!

5 thoughts on “Goodbye social media

  1. I agree with you there and I guess it is about balance. I must admit at first I didn't miss it and then I needed to contact someone and realised the only way I had was via a Facebook message at that point….so it does have it's plus sides.


  2. We have used FB to advertise events at our village hall – I am on the fund raising committee. Last year we raised £3,000 in all so I'll stay for now. I tend to post photos as a record of my contentment and appreciation – I despise constant materialistic posts.


  3. Well I have decided to activate my account again and the reason is people want to see pictures and stay in touch so it's another medium to use. I will post and check friends posts but not scroll through and hopefully I will avoid the posts I want to avoid!


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