Supermarket thoughts

During this time of not actually having a home to call our own, it’s got me thinking about where to shop once we move.  Of course the whole point about moving is so we can start to live a more thoughtful, self sufficient and healthier lifestyle.  It will take us a while to get that established and in the mean time I will be reliant on the shops as per the majority of the population.

I’ve shopped at Aldi almost exclusively for the last 5+ years and I love it.  I don’t love it in the sense that I rave about it, but I love it in the sense that I know where I stand.  It had the basic foods every week that we use and doesn’t flash 20 of the same food in my face to make me choose.  I can be in and out in 20 minutes with a weekly shop in toe.  However I’ve often wondered if I would like to try Tesco and co, but on those few occasions that I have ventured in there, it’s left me feeling stressed and skint!  2 ‘s’ that I don’t like putting together.

However yesterday I nipped in to Sainsbury’s to pick some flowers up for my Mum on my way to hers as it was her birthday and I took the opportunity to be very naughty and pick something easy up for tea.  The shop was well laid out and didn’t leave me feeling seriously stressed. 

Weighing everything up, I will continue to shop at Aldi but every couple of months I might have a wander around Sainsbury’s if I have the time.

The shopping budget per month on the farmhouse (starting end Jan) will be £300 per month, regardless of how many weeks.

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